Reel Fly Fishing is wholly owned and soley operated by Grant Hilder. Inspired by his Grandfather at an early age, Grant has fished for over 40 years, fishing both here in Australia and abroad, chalking up a healthy catch list of saltwater and freshwater species.

Reel Fly Fishing is the "end result" of a former military career and a more recent lengthy career in the travel and toursim industry as a commercial airline pilot. Grant is a Master Mariner and has been a skipper and guide for some of Sydney's finest charter fishing operators - after five years working for others it was time to follow his passion for fly fishing.


Preservation - Wildlife, Habitat and Environment
Authenticity - Grant is transperent, true to his values.
Passion - for fishing, customer service and satisfaction and the environments' preservation.


Respect - All People and the Environment
Engage in, and Educate sustainable practises.
Explore the options - customer goals and objectives.
Lead by example.


Reel Fly Fishing offers personalised tailored tours with a maximum of two (2) persons per guide, for all age groups, experience and fitness levels - whether it be a day trip or weekend away.
Enquiries for larger groups are welcomed.


To share our passion of fishing in some of the State's most pristine places, promoting being outdoors, and a greater awareness for the environment.


Safety is our priority. Grant is an experienced outdoors man with an array of qualifications from his former military service and flying career.
Qualified in First Aid, CPR, Life Support and Sea Survival.
Reel Fly Fishing is a fully insured, permitted and licensed operator.

Preservation - Passion - Authenticity

Your safety is our priority; your enjoyment of fly fishing is our passion!

Reel Fly Fishing Fish for Reel